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Greetings everyone,

I want to thank everyone who made it out to last weekend’s company meeting. It was great to see everyone.  Here is a quick recap of the meeting. For those of you who did not attend, here’s a brief review of how things went.


Election of officers for the 2016 Season.

President: Tom Backus

Captain: Scott Dyer

1st Sargent: Bob Balcius



ANV Insurance IS DUE. If you were not at the meeting or did not have insurance cash you have 2 options. I will be sending the insurance paper work the 1st of March.  If you send me your $12.00 via PayPal I will add you to the rolls. If you plan on doing this please let me know.

The other option is go to and fill out the form and send it yourself.  Reminder that this IS REQUIRED in order for you to attend ANY events.


New Members

He have a new applicant member. Brenden Lafleur. Brenden has been doing WW1 Reenacting for about for years and Revolutionary War for a year.  He puts a high level of dedication into his impression and believe that he will be an excellent fit for Company H.



Because not all the information on events for the season are still not available we elected to handle most events on a “as information comes” basis.

Those events are

June      7-19       Civil War Weekend          Millis, MA

]July       8-10       Wilson's Creek  Pomfret, CT

16-18     Civil War Weekend,  Kingston, ME

August 26-28     Red Apple Farm                Phillipston, MA

Oct          1-2         Battle of the Pines           Florence, MA

7-9          Daniels Farm      Blackstone, MA

13-15     Clash at Miller's Meadows, Miller's Falls, MA

13-15     Cedar Creek      Middletown, VA

We will discuss these events as the year progresses.


Below are the events that we did vote on to have maximum attendance,

May       21-22     3rd Arkansas Co H Weekend of Instruction          Epping, NH

30           Methuen Memorial Day Parade     $$$$  Methuen, MA

July 22-24            155th 1st Manassas    Middletown, VA


155th Manassas

For First Manassas we will be doing a lot of interesting things to make the event a unique experience for all.

One of the major things is we will be once again forming a flintlock section.  All members are highly encouraged to take part.  We did this at the 150th, and although it was a small group it looked really impressive.

Also we voted to use company funds to put together a ration issue for the event.  All members will be able to draw rations for the weekend.

Another new feature is we are putting together a buy for materials for Battle Shirts for Mannassas. This will give us a uniform early war look. Materials will cost $22.00 per shirt.  We are also working on getting a force of people that will be able to assemble shirts for a small fee is you cannot make it yourself.

If this is something you are interested please contact me.  The material will be ordered in the middle of March so if this is something you want to be a part of you will need to contact me as soon as possible.



Company H, Camp of Instruction

We will be doing a camp of instructing to help refine our impression, especially with Manassas coming.

One thing we will be doing drilling in Scott’s Infantry Manual. This drill was designed for the flintlock musket and used from the 1820’s to 1850’s.  It would have been used by some units during the Battle of Manassas, therefore this will be the drill that the flintlock section will use.

Another thing will be taking a look at for Manassas is improvised shelter.  At this stage of the war, shelter halves would have been rare if not nonexistent in the confederate ranks. We will go over some improvised shelters using the resources the men would have had.

Of course we will also be going over things like Hardee’s and other things that we use all the time.

Online presence and Communications


With everyone using different forms of communication and social media it has become increasingly difficult so reach everybody.  People have changed emails, some people are on this Facebook page but not that one, and it goes on.  We will now be centralizing our communication. 

For internal use, the CO. H 3rd Ark Facebook Group will be the primary place for Company discussions. If you are a member of H and not on this page please contact me and I will get you on their.

Also all major updates including News, and Events will be posted on the website,  This way, all news will be easy to find throughout the year.

Will also be working on coming up with a more reliable email list.


Thank you everyone. I am very lucky to be a part of this organization and this family.  I have high hopes for this season.  I think we can make 2016 a memorable one.



Tom Backus


Just a reminder that the Co. H, 3rd  Arkansas company meeting will be held this Sunday 2/21. All members are encouraged to attend.

ANV Insurance will be Due at the meeting, $12.00 for Adults, $7.00 for Children under 12.

As always I look forward to seeing all of you.


Tom Backus


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